• Vertical Garden

    VERTICAL GARDEN November 2009 - January 2010 | Massimiliano Fuksas This 170 meter mixed-use high-rise consists of office space, a hotel, and condominiums. The three distinct program groups are emphasized by “cuts” in the building facade, which serve as sky lobbies for the residents, office workers, and hotel guests. The client desired a “signature” building, so for this facade study we applied Mr. Fuksas’ signature as an attractor curve, determining (along with solar shading requirements) the arrangement of facade panels. The panels are restricted to six different types, in order to have some variety and allow a smooth gradient effect, but to remain cost-effective. My responsibilities on the project included the development of the new facade system through Rhino 3D and parametric design plugin Grasshopper, preparation of files for fabrication, rendering, and preparation of client presentations. Project Team Partern-in-charge: Massimiliano Fuksas Project Manager: Stefan Pfeff erle Team: Ignazio Internicola, Evan Chakroff . ©FUKSAS