• The Armory

    The Armory on Park is a New York City landmark - literally and figuratively, a historic property intimately tied to the social history of New York City. We were tasked with transforming the elegant yet dilapidated building into a center for contemporary art. This project provided an opportunity for us to reconsider the dominant approach to conservation and preservation. During a long research phase, we documented the building extensively, categorizing rooms and individual architectural elements based on their historical merit, authenticity, and current condition. In doing so, we created a number of analytical maps that resemble archaeological documentation. After achieving an intimate understanding of the existing conditions, and positing a theoretical framework for the renovation, we were able to propose fairly minimal design solutions: a surgical approach that would transform the Armory into a contemporary arts space without destroying its essential historical character. My responsibilities on this project included mapping, modeling, design narratives and theory, and the preparation of books and multimedia for client presentations. Project Team Partner-in-charge: Ascan Mergenthaler Project Manager: James Richards Full project team see herzogdemeuron.com Drawings © Herzog & de Meuron Photographs © James Ewing Photography More information from Herzog & de Meuron