• Refraction Tower

    REFRACTION TOWER January-March 2011 | NBBJ Shanghai The Refraction Tower is a luxury hotel and apartment building on the riverbank near Xi’an, China. The waterfront location is the inspiration for a shimmering form, a prism refl ected in the water. The form is driven by this metaphor, but also refl ects the requirements of the program. A hotel of this class (5-Star Platinum, 350 keys), requires a number of supporting amenities that would not fi t in the typical tower fl oor plate. The upper levels are kept simple, with highly effi cient plan layouts, and the lower amenity levels expand and shift depending on their specifi c program requirements. These shifts create overhangs and terraces: valuable exterior space for conference guests, and ideal viewing platforms for the annual boat races along the river. The mid-tower apartment suites are provided with small private balconies. The new hotel is a destination in many ways, most importantly, as a venue for international conferences such as the Euro-Asia economic summit. The new hotel will also be a tourist attraction, especially in times of special events such as the Garden Expo in 2011 or exciting boat races on the river. My responsibilities on this project included the design, planning, and 3D modeling, and analysis. This is of one of three options presentated to the client as our Conceptual Design submittal. Project Team Project Manager: Daniel Ayars Designers: Evan Chakroff , Philip Schmunk, Chia-yi Chu, Darcy Chang, Daniel Recklingoh