• Mockups

    MOCKUPS September 2008-June 2009 | Collaboration with visiting professor Nick Gelpi “Mockups” was a year-long collaboration with visiting professor Nick Gelpi. The design of each object was collaborative, as was the exhibition layout and fabrication. “Mockups” focuses on the relationship between materials and scale. The projects in the gallery exhibit how a found characteristic in a material, in this case plywood, can be integrated into the various scales of architecture construction. Preceded by material investigations, the discovery of plywood’s ability to ‘Feather,’ becomes a constraint for productively getting architectural objects to behave a certain way as opposed to only looking a certain way. Many of the objects are broken or pushed past the point of the materials ability to accommodate what’s drawn in the abstract. These instances become moments of ’failure,’ and in so doing operate more as tests or ‘mockups’ than as pure representations. These limit conditions establish a point of failure that can be used as a maximum parameter for future designs. The measured drawings were produced using Grasshopper, a parametric plugin for Rhino. We attempted to model the material properties as best as possible. SOFTWARE Rhino3D, Grasshopper, AutoCAD MATERIALS CNC-Milled & Lasercut Plywood 3D Printed ABS plastic