• (con)temporary library

    (CON)TEMPORARY LIBRARY April-June 2007 | Studio Instructors Ashley Schafer & J. Meejin Yoon Taking the temporary closure (and restoration) of the Ohio State University’s Thompson Library as an impetus, the (con)temporary library project was an opportunity to rethink the role of the library on a university campus. The form was inspired by the network of paths on OSU’s oval: a script was written to connect every existing lamp post to its 10 closest neighbors, rendering visible the existing electricity and data networks on campus. This network of curves was seen as an extensive fi eld which could be lifted above ground or embedded within it depending on program requirements. As such, the “library” could be no more than a raised bench for reading, an elevated canopy providing evening light, or its structure could become enclosed and act as a more traditional library building. SOFTWARE Rhino3D Rhinoscript Adobe Photoshop MATERIALS Lasercut Chipboard Twine