• CNTC

    This was a quick turn-around facade renovation concept for major player in the Chinese telecom industry. The existing building consisted of chunky forms with varied facade treatments, confusing site circulation and entry. The client desired a renovation to help project a more elegant and unified image in keeping with the brand’s refined image. The client’s offices were located on the second, fourth, and fifth floor, with rental tenants on the 1st and 3rd. The client thus desired a clear heirarch between the two separate entrances. Taking the existing form as a starting point, we expanding the client’s lobby by extending a curved curtain wall that mirrors the existing form. An additional curved facade is introduced to unify the building massing and frame the main entry. The overall composition is thus derived from the existing condition, and unifies the overall composition. My role on this project was to lead a small team in the development of the overall concept, massing, and plans, to oversee rendering production, and to compile the final client presentation. ©ELLUMUS, LLC