• Building: Community

    BUILDING:COMMUNITY January-March 2007 | Studio Instructors John McMorrough & Michael Cadwell In 2007, Columbus Ohio was experiencing a rejuvenating housing boom. Many of the condominium projects were marketed towards young professionals, ignoring pressing housing needs in other demographics. This design will attempt to address the needs of newly Americanized populations. In the past, settlers were able to establish communities on untouched land. Neighborhoods grew organically, and became integral parts of larger cities. Today, however, immigrants cannot establish isolated communities as they have in the past, they must insert themselves into an existing residential matrix. Our proposal aims to encourage the type of community growth that leads to vibrant neighborhoods by respecting the various scales at which an individual must operate within a collective. Individual units are organized into small clusters, which make up larger neighborhoods within the complex, which in turn participates in the larger downtown housing market. SOFTWARE Sketchup, AutoCAD Adobe Illustrator Adobe Photoshop MATERIALS Lasercut Chipboard Bristol Board Basswood Plastic screen