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    A quick concept study for a large mixed-use residential masterplan in Zhuhai, this rapidly-developing waterfront district sits a few kilometers from Macau. The nine parcels under development are split between six residential lots to be developed by the local government architect, and three mixed-use commercial plots aligned on the major road. These three plots are located between two future subway stations, and across from a major shopping center, so a pleasant pedestrian environment was a major factor in the planning. Additionally, views out to the water were to be ensured for the residential towers beyond. These factors, and the integration of green corridors, drove the masterplanning concept. The tower facade treaments were based on an abstraction of the nearby hills, while the retail podium facade was a parametric gradient pattern intended to mimic light scattered by ocean waves. My role on this project was to lead a small team in the development of the overall concept, massing, and plans, to oversee rendering production, and to compile the final client presentation. ©ELLUMUS, LLC