KSA Vienna ’09: Final thoughts.

So, that does it.

It’s now three months to the day since the trip officially ended, and I’ve managed to slog through all my photos to pick (and blog) the very best.
Full disclosure: some of the photos I’ve posted were taken back in 2007, when I took the same study abroad course as a student. I found that returning to these places only deepened my appreciation for them, especially when the weather cooperated!
While I regret skimping on the commentary, I think the photos speak for themselves: this was an amazing trip. I hope to revisit some of these cities and buildings later, with some reviews and theories on this blog, but you know how it goes.
In the next few months, I’ll be continuing to work on a ‘yearbook’ of sorts chronicling the Vienna ’09 trip through photos, sketches, and other misc information, as a record of this year’s journey, and as propaganda for the KSA and future study abroad programs. Stay tuned for that….
Meanwhile, with this out of the way, in the next few posts I’ll offer some comments on London, where I spend a week in July, and then (finally) some first, second, and third impressions of Rome, where I’ve lived for the past two months….


  • Thank you for a good story, I really enjoyed your blog. Be sure to give a link to your friends!

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