So, while I still plan on finishing the KSA Vienna series…. I was working on this tonight, and thought it would make an interesting post. I’m in the process (ahem…. starting the process…) of revising my portfolio and resume, and gradually starting to look for that next job after my current internship is concluded. I’m not entirely sure when this will be happening, since my engagement in Rome is somewhat open-ended. Nonetheless, tonight I decided to finally go back to one of my old projects and revise a few images I’ve never been happy with.
Above, you see tonight’s work. Below, the same(-ish) view, that’s been going out with every copy of my portfolio for the past two years.
I’m actually surprised that I let this slide for so long. This dismal image, on a February backdrop, was the opening page to this project… In final reviews that quarter, Mack Scogin said this looked like “Soviet public housing” — and yet, I never reworked the image.
Well, now I have, and I believe for the better.

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