KSA Vienna ’09

A note to anyone reading – over the next few weeks, I’ll be covering the “Vienna 2009” study abroad trip, over at my own personal blog, Tenuous Resilience.

Check the blog for regular updates – I will update the links below periodically.


Berlin [IMG] [TXT]
Dessau [IMG] [TXT]
Leipzig [IMG] [TXT]
Eberswalde [IMG] [TXT]
Wolfsburg [IMG]
Dresden [IMG] [TXT]
Cottbus [IMG] [TXT]
Prague [IMG]
Brno [IMG]
Langenlois [IMG]
Vienna [IMG] [TXT]
Graz [IMG] [TXT]
Ljubljiana [IMG] [TXT]
Venice [IMG] [TXT]
Vicenza [IMG] [TXT]
Milan [IMG] [TXT]
Como [IMG] [TXT]
Vals [IMG] [TXT]
Lucern [IMG] [TXT]
Zurich [IMG] [TXT]
Basel [IMG] [TXT]
Weil am Rhein [IMG] [TXT]
Ronchamp [IMG] [TXT]
Stuttgart [IMG] [TXT]
Wuerzburg [IMG] [TXT]
Innsbruck [IMG] [TXT]
Munich [IMG] [TXT]
Links are to the appropriate blog posts, updated as I post new entries. “IMG” posts are short photo-essays, and “TXT” posts are my impressions and/or analysis. Enjoy!


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