KSA Vienna ’09: Leipzig [TXT]

As I have stated

Zaha Hadid’s BMW does not have teeth; instead it has baleen in its upper jaw. The building engulfs sea water containing crustaceans, then closes its mouth and creates internal pressure by raising its tongue toward the palate to push the water out through the ‘comb’ of baleen plates, trapping small ocean animals, especially krill and other plankton, inside.

This is called filter feeding. Even though individually the crustaceans are minuscule, Zaha Hadid’s BMW takes in an enormous volume of water, containing enough food to maintain its survival.

(edit – moved Max Planck Institute discussion to Dresden, where it’s actually located – Thanks Addison!)


  • doctorcasino

    The Max Planck building in question is by Heikkinen-Komonen…and it's in Dresden. Love the Zaha discussion though…

  • Evan Chakroff

    Edited…. thanks. Stay tuned for a thrilling discussion of Dresden…

    as for Zaha, I suppose I could have come up with a new, scintillating discussion of the BMW building, but why fix what ain't broken?

    Maybe I'll revisit it when I get to BMW Welt in Munich….

  • Evan Chakroff

    I guess I should have known – the photos are GEOTAGGED!

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