KSA Vienna ’09

As promised, the next few posts will cover the Knowlton School of Architecture “Vienna 2009” study abroad trip. Run by professor Jackie Gargus, this is a whirlwind tour of European architecture, covering everything from the Renaissance to the present day. Alternate years are based in either Vienna or Paris, though to say the trip is “based” anywhere is a bit of a stretch: Vienna this year was our longest stay at five nights. We were in most cities for one or two nights, and the fast pace allowed us to see an unbelievable ammount of architecture.

The following few posts will be mostly a photo-log of the trip, with minimal comments. The photos are all my own, taken either in 2007, when I attended as a student, or 2009, when I joined the trip again as auxilliary faculty. I must admit that this blogging excercise is mainly an excuse for me to go through the photos and make selections for a “Best-Of” set… but I hope it will also give you a sense of the breadth of this incredible tour.
The itinerary is as follows:
Berlin [IMG] [TXT]
Dessau [IMG] [TXT]
Leipzig [IMG] [TXT]
Eberswalde [IMG] [TXT]
Wolfsburg [IMG]
Dresden [IMG] [TXT]
Cottbus [IMG] [TXT]
Prague [IMG]
Brno [IMG]
Langenlois [IMG]
Vienna [IMG]
Graz [IMG]
Ljubljiana [IMG]
Venice [IMG] [TXT]
Modena [IMG]
Verona [IMG]
Milan [IMG]
Como [IMG] [TXT]
Vals [IMG] [TXT]
Lucern [IMG] [TXT]
Zurich [IMG] [TXT]
Basel [IMG] [TXT]
Weil am Rhein [IMG] [TXT]
Ronchamp [IMG] [TXT]
Stuttgart [IMG] [TXT]
Wuerzburg [IMG] [TXT]
Innsbruck [IMG] [TXT]
Munich [IMG] [TXT]
Links are to the appropriate blog posts, updated as I post new entries. “IMG” posts are short photo-essays, and “TXT” posts are my impressions and/or analysis. Enjoy!

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