Sweatin’ to the Oldies..

[above: plaster casts of Trajan’s Column, on display at a museum in EUR]

In short: I’ve been in EUrope since June 11th, first in Basel to visit friends and see Art | 40 | Basel, perhaps the biggest art fair in the world. On June 15th I flew to Berlin, and started a whirlwind architectural tour through Germany, Austria, Northern Italy, and Switzerland, with brief stops in Slovenia and Slovakia. More on this later.
Following the trip, I flew to London on July 16th, and stayed for a week, touring around with a few fellow students and one professor, and then I flew to Rome a few days ago. I’m starting a new job at Fuksas in September, and will be spending the next month getting acclimatized to the city and working on a few other projects.
First impressions: Rome is HOT. It’s been hovering around 95 degrees (only 35 in celcius!) these past few days, and so what little sightseeing I’ve done has been accompanied by copius amounts of sweat, despite my habit of dashing into the shade as often as possible.
Having been to Rome 2 or 3 times before (who can count?), I’ve decided this time to take it easy, and let myself experience the city gradually as i find supermarkets, SIM cards, cafes with cheap drinks and free WiFi access… I’m in no hurry to see the postcard views, so I hope I’ll find the contemporary heart of this ancient city. We’ll see if I can do that on a budget…..
So, since I do have a month here with very little to do, I hope to update this blog fairly regularly (for a time), so anyone who’s interested can follow along.
First, I hope to go through Art Basel and the OSU Study Abroad trip, showing a few choice photos and giving thoughtful commentary. Then, a few brief words about London before launching into my impressions of Rome as I explore….
Stay tuned….

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