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As far as I know, I graduated, and am now the proud owner of a Master degree in Architecture from the Ohio State University.

I assume, because I left the states before the graduation ceremony to come to Art Basel, the international contemporary art fair held annually in Switzerland.

Conveniently, the organizers decided to hold the fair the week prior to KSA’s annual study-abroad tour, which I’m joining this year as an auxiliary professor, and which kicks off tomorrow in Berlin.

I’ll be flying out in the morning, and I hope to keep up with the blog at least for the next six weeks on the trip, after which I’ll be following in the footsteps of former KSA blogger Marc Syp, and moving to Rome for a position with Fuksas.

So, expect at least a few more updates here from me, here or on my [url=]dormant blog[url]. Until then, here’s a selection of images from Art Basel and several associated fairs.

Created with flickr slideshow.

full flickr set here (still uploading)

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