a chair

I spent most of the day building this chair for a structures class project.

Materials: 20 threaded steel rods, various sizes. four 2′ x 2′ x 1/2″ oak plywood panels. Nuts and washers. Material cost: ~$100. Time spent: ~14 hours.

The rods become denser in the center where they’ll carry more weight.

The thing is solid as a rock. If i were to make another, I could probably get away with fewer rods, and thinner rods.

A fun little project.


  • Anonymous

    It’s funny how I searched for “fixed gear Porto” and ended up here. As an achitechture student myself I started to read some posts.

    To my suprise your chair is very similar to one made at my school some weeks ago. The difference is the wood. Concrete was used by the student at my school. I thought that the wood was the mould for the very same chair and that your acually were an exchange student.

    Best regards,

    Stockholm, Sweden

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