To Do List

– Assume nothing was designed by an idiot. Investigate strategies rigorously, regardless of your initial impression. Internalize successful techniques.

– Design an open-source modeling system for evolutionary architectural design. The software should allow for continuous parametric variation of individual formal elements, as well as an apparatus for breeding of unrelated forms. Should be capable of modeling complex heterogenous materials with widely variable properties. The software should include a sorting mechanism, allowing for elimination of offspring based on certain physical criteria, such as bearing capacity, insulating value, or visual transparency. Revit meets Rhinoscript?

– Investigate architecture not as visual language, but as a branch of cognitive psychology or neuroscience. Operating on a conscious level, architecture-as-language is either stupidly mimetic or unintelligibly abstract: neither extreme seems to result in a compelling spacial experience or profound cultural critique. Can architecture use subconscious visual perception pathways to effect certain emotional states? Can psychic comfort be quantified and therefore modulated by architecture? Can a linguistic model of architecture move past the easy metaphor of speech or writing to evolve into a nuanced visual/phenomenological language, more akin to sign language in its complexity? (Or has it already and I just don’t know about it?)

– Don’t use words or concepts you don’t understand.


  • Anonymous

    Read some David Harvey. He is like the cultural geography superman, and I’m pretty sure he knows everything. But especially for your interests, how built environments reflect and perpetuate culture. Also, lots of digested Marx. Good stuff.


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