Europe: June – July 2006

[Port Columbus International Airport]

Earlier this summer I participated in a half-semester bus trip through western Europe. The trip covered major sites in five countries: Portugal, Spain, France, Belgium, and The Netherlands.

I’d seen Paris, Rome, Amsterdam, and Brussels in late 2001 while studying abroad in Brighton, UK (making good use of the Europe’s amazing low-cost airlines), but I had never ventured outside the major metropolitan areas, and I had yet to travel Spain or Portugal. While the idea of five weeks on a bus with 40 other students was not immediately appealing, the prospect of a guided architectural tour outweighed any concerns I had about privacy or personality conflicts. Thanks to the research each student did in preparation, and due to the instructor’s years of experience, the academic program was top-notch.

Over the next few days, I’ll sum up my experience in each country, and try to draw some conclusions from the trip as a whole.

[Edit: Or, I won’t!]

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