Delusions of Grandeur

I realize that this blog will never be widely read. I won’t become rich or famous. The ads you see above will never make me any money (but, it doesn’t hurt to try). No, this blog is not for the public: it’s a personal exercise.

About a year ago, I started a three-year graduate program at the Knowlton School of Architecture, at Ohio State University. This followed roughly two years of what could only be described as “down-time,” and marked a radical shift in the level of discourse I encountered on a daily basis. After four years of mechanical engineering coursework and two years of unstimulating work, I was thrilled to be in a situation where reading and writing were once again part of the “grind,” where I’d be encouraged to hone my linguistic skills. In part, this blog is an extension of that initial elation. I realize that the only way to develop as a writer is by actually writing, and while architecture school provides more opportunity than, say, an AutoCAD drafting job, if I truly want to stay on top of my game, I have to participate in some extracurricular training.

Of course, if this excercise were merely technical, it would be boring as hell. I hope this blog will serve as a creative outlet where I can develop ideas. School projects seem to always require a narrative. It takes work to develop something that doesn’t sound like an art-school cliche, and it takes substantial work to develop something honest and believable, and to be able to talk and write about it with confidence. This blog is not a sounding board, it’s a dress rehersal.

So, why not simply keep a personal journal? The act of publishing brings the potential reader, and with that potential I’m subconsciously committed to a certain level of quality and professionalism. I hope with time I can begin to draw that level higher and higher, regardless of whether there’s anyone but myself to appreciate it.

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